Capelli Remi Official ELITE Piercing Pack - UPGRADE Your Body Jewellery

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All you need to safely pierce within U.K. law.

Contents Contains:

Braun Needle x 1

Pair Vinyl or Nitrile Gloves x 1

Sterilised and Sealed G23 or F163 Grade Titanium Jewellery x 1

Sterilised and Sealed Disposable Plastic Clamps with Treads x 1

Piercing instructions x 1

Non-Toxic Skin Pen x 1

Pre-Injection Alco-Tip Swabs x 3

Medical Grade Dressing x 1

Step-by-Step Instructions x 1

Lollipop x 2

Zip bag to return all used items x 1

All packs come with a 30 Day Access Online Video Tutorial.

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